Saturday, September 3, 2011


The videos provide the virtual teacher to assist the students in developing and mastering the key mathematical competencies of basic education. The video materials are meant to offer the learning resources to the defined activities of the planned lesson.
TutorPundit is the free video learning website with lot of questions on each lesson to master the subject.

Friday, September 2, 2011


"Seeing and Hearing the Real World" is the best way to learn. The gateway to the mind is the senses. Educational videos and games are essential to the education of the senses.
Kids science, math, social studies, history, geography and other educational videos, lessons, quizzes and educational games for K-12 grade kids that make learning fun and interesting.

Monday, August 29, 2011


If our language, our programs, our creations, our activities, our values are not strongly present in the media, format, application, files, screen, multi-touch, virtual room, network and symbols of young digital natives, then the teacher of the now generation will become marginalized inside the evolving mind and heart of the Y-generation who are 21st century natives. The irrelevant teacher become fragmented motion to comply with a requirement, but not a lived action to represent life-long learning to comfortably dwell inside the 21st century village.

The challenge of today's generation of teachers is full migration to the emerging means of learning which elaborates better understanding; which demonstrates quality performance; which opens extended and real-time communication; which fires motivation and greater aspiration to the learner; which release irrelevant constrains and redundancies, which actualize shared opportunities and open participation; which ushers knowledge creation and application; which gives immediate feedback for improvement, and which offers easy, enrich and collaborative platform for productivity and creation.

The context of learning and the condition of the learner are very much wrapped by the innovative technologies which are designed to align with what the human mind, hearts and spirit desire. The value proposition for effective engagement,exploration, explanation, evaluation are now better in the interactive screen, high resolution colors and high fidelity sounds of the mobile devices, computer desktop and web sites. The comfort of reading and remembering are now facilitated by mobile readers, files and storage devices. The joy of creating, collaborating, communicating, and converging get better substance in the use of digitally enabled writing, authoring, publishing, conferencing, e-mailing, and social networking application in desktop computing and cloud computing.

The acquisition of computer packages create better instance for the full migration of teachers to dwell in the 21st century village. However, the first step must carry methods, tools, software, metrics for the incarnation of the teacher engaging, enabling and enriching the learning quest of the 21st century natives in the classroom. The execution has to be a transforming interaction between the technology maker and learning provider.

The way for the teacher to facilitate learning with shared computers and Internet access begins with three essential e-resources:

1. Definite Library of Learning Software (DLLS) installed in the host PC. Collection of educational content and tools to engage, explore, explain, evaluate, create, collaborate and communicate. openDESK project brings selection of tools to write, draw, read and view, and content to study mathematics, sciences and languages. Vibal Publishing has CD based multimedia resources which can be shared in the mult-learner station. Microsoft Learning Suites offers free to use digital content for teaching and learning.

2. Teacher Class Management Program (TCMP) installed in the PC host and in the learner station to allow the teacher and students to share and learn together . The management software allows the teacher to broadcast the screen of his presentation, video and application to the multiple stations of learners, to view and to control the learner station, to co-browse the Internet with the multiple stations of learner, and to record and broadcast the content of the learner station. WizClass Teacher Powered by NetSupport brings the engine to manage the class learning activities in shared computing.

3. Web Interactive Services for Education (WISE) which is a web page file which is activated as the default page in opening the Internet browser of the learner station. The default web page contains the itemized list of web sites reviewed for relevant learning content and web applications to realize knowledge acquisition, creation, evaluation, sharing and remembering.

The teacher is now ready to enrich with digital experience his designed lesson, and manage his planned learning event inside the shared computers.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Three things tell the performance of a learner, the level of understanding, the quality of execution, and the rightness of motivation. The formation of knowledge, skills and character depends on the context of their acquisition, creation, sharing, preservation and application. The designed learning events must provide the situation which evolve the necessary experience for an engaging, interacting, and enhancing actualization of learning outcomes.

Digital classroom for interactive learning likes to see the entrance of learning technology, Internet, access devices and multimedia content to open better opportunity to engage the learner, enable learning outcomes, enrich the teaching experience in all rooms designed for directive learning.

It likes to see the today's teacher facilitating learning beside the 21st century natives using their means to write, read, draw, create, present, play, communicate, connect, publish, memorize, store, calculate, research, locate and transact.

It likes to bring to the 21st natives the experience of how to become in what they acquire, create, manipulate, share and keep through the screen, keyboard, pointer, ports, drives, network of the digital environment of learning.

The digital classroom for interactive learning offers the screen to get attention, to explain objectives, to lead discovery, to visualize concept, to simulate understanding, to engage creativity, to stimulate sensory, to provoke the mind, and to test ability. The open desk of learning event realize the skills on technology, information, visual, community and security for the 21st century natives. The today's classroom must be reset according to the mindset and tools of the 21st century natives.

The outcomes of learning and core content may have not changed, but the fulfillment of their acquisition, re-use, sharing and remembrance have come to be transformed in the world of interactive multimedia, knowledge database, on-line content publishing, social media networking, on-line community, simulation software tools, productivity software, email, web conference, instant messaging......

The digital classroom for interactive learning must bring to life the way the 21st century natives encounter the microscopic and macroscopic objects in the world of virtual imaging. It has to realize the 2D and 3D landscapes of human situation and search for meaning. It has to bring the vivid sound of differentiated meaning and flaring voices for motivation. It has to bring the connection that tears knowledge isolation and division of people.